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The overcast skies we awoke to were a welcomed respite from the hot sunny skies of the last couple days. P1000658But once we hit the water, the sun gave the perfect warmth for swimming, splashing, and playing in the river.P1000690

Although it was the shortest paddle trip of the week, at a little less than 14 miles, today was both Trash day and Professionals day and there was no shortage of intriguing conversations and interesting trash items cleaned from the river.P1000821

Professionals ranged from legislators and riverkeepers to representatives from watershed coalitions and community foundations. This was most professionals’ first time on the Flint river and for some their first time paddling on a river in Georgia.

Rivers Alive ‘Trash Queen’ Bonny PutneP1000675y led the clean-up and reported approximately 100 lbs. of trash collected and 10 tires. P1000764In addition to the usual plastic bags, paddlers found some quite interesting items including a vintage coke bottle, basket balls, a dress, a pair of leather pants, and a can of chicken livers.P1000829

P1000809Touted as one of Georgia’s Seven natural wonders, Radium Springs was quite the thrill. Adults and kids alike, enjoyed the striking arched stone bridge and waterfall and large pool beneath it.

No matter what activity evokesP1000747 the idea of fun to you- it was found at every river bend, shoal, and sand bar, from squirt gun fights and rambunctious circus-like stunts (including flipping GRN Development Director, Davin Welter), to bubble blowing and lazy lounging picnics – it was all smiles all around.P1000803

The Blue Springs were truly magical with the cool 68 degree crystal blue water gurgling from the limestone depths below.P1000701

It seems to just keep getting better with each passing day ~ So glad to share it with everyone!

Keep on rollin’ down the River,P1000891

Gwyneth Moody

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Day 2 on Paddle Georgia 2012- and nothing but blue skies and another gorgeous day of temps in the low 80’s awaiting us… 

With a 12 mile paddle ahead, we couln’t wait to get our feet wet on the mighty Altamaha!

Soon after we ‘set’ paddle we came upon the Pirates- who told many a tale of  previous Paddle Georgia escapades- a truly motley crew with their flags and fish hooks!

It is awe-inspiring how the Altamah is so reminiscent of  the Amazon jungle in South America. The towering magestic cypress with giant knees jutting from the water, tupelo that line the banks and lush black willow harbouring such a plethera of wildlife.




Georgia Adopt-A-Stream gave water quality testing workshops on sandbars throughout the day- bonding in more ways than just chemically:)





GA Adopt A Stream instructors seemed to always be bursting with knowledge as well as excitement and enthusiasm- especially our dearest Ruth Mead!

Although folks paddled hard all day- they also played hard- blasting eachother with water guns –  a true WATER WAR!

 And then there were those who relaxed even harder!

Unfortunately the Ohoopee river was taken off our itinerary for this Paddle Georgia, but that didn’t stop us from taking a jaunt up its swift flowing tannin rich waters for a cool dip at the culmination of our days journey…







Another magical day on the enchanted Altamaha with smiles all around!

Gwyneth Moody

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