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The overcast skies we awoke to were a welcomed respite from the hot sunny skies of the last couple days. P1000658But once we hit the water, the sun gave the perfect warmth for swimming, splashing, and playing in the river.P1000690

Although it was the shortest paddle trip of the week, at a little less than 14 miles, today was both Trash day and Professionals day and there was no shortage of intriguing conversations and interesting trash items cleaned from the river.P1000821

Professionals ranged from legislators and riverkeepers to representatives from watershed coalitions and community foundations. This was most professionals’ first time on the Flint river and for some their first time paddling on a river in Georgia.

Rivers Alive ‘Trash Queen’ Bonny PutneP1000675y led the clean-up and reported approximately 100 lbs. of trash collected and 10 tires. P1000764In addition to the usual plastic bags, paddlers found some quite interesting items including a vintage coke bottle, basket balls, a dress, a pair of leather pants, and a can of chicken livers.P1000829

P1000809Touted as one of Georgia’s Seven natural wonders, Radium Springs was quite the thrill. Adults and kids alike, enjoyed the striking arched stone bridge and waterfall and large pool beneath it.

No matter what activity evokesP1000747 the idea of fun to you- it was found at every river bend, shoal, and sand bar, from squirt gun fights and rambunctious circus-like stunts (including flipping GRN Development Director, Davin Welter), to bubble blowing and lazy lounging picnics – it was all smiles all around.P1000803

The Blue Springs were truly magical with the cool 68 degree crystal blue water gurgling from the limestone depths below.P1000701

It seems to just keep getting better with each passing day ~ So glad to share it with everyone!

Keep on rollin’ down the River,P1000891

Gwyneth Moody

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Hot and sunny with temps in the low 90’s, the weather for Day 2 of Paddle GeorgiP1000300a was gorgeous!  P1000375Psyched for the awesome 15 mile paddle ahead we loaded up and hit the river!

The scenery was green and pristine, cypress cones and moth cocoons dangled from overhanging limbs kissing the river surface and meadows of aquatic yellow blooms and lily pads graced the landscape.P1000354P1000425

Remnants of fence posts and tree stumps from pre-dam days lined the banks with new growth resembling beautiful floral arrangements or frizzy Chia Pets.

Flint Riverkeeper, Gordon Rogers welcomedP1000347 the Paddle P1000569Georgia paddlers on his Party Pontoon Boat wishing everyone a safe trip.P1000454

Dragonflies buzzed and dipped catching rides on our paddles and majestic Egrets and Great Blue Herons took flight overhead.P1000480

P1000491TP1000411he Camp Horizon kids continued to enjoy themselves swimming, singing and practicing for the Talent Show, and stuck it out as the countless motor boats zoomed past on the last 3 miles of tough lake paddling. Great job y’all!P1000398

It was yet another amazing day on the magical Flint river and we can’t wait for the journey tomorrow.

Keep on rollin’ down the river.

Gwyneth MoodyP1000432

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Everyone woke up bright and early – ready for their first day on the Flint. With 14 P1000099miles of limestone loveliness ahead, paddlers could barely contain themselves as the school buses rolled into Chehaw park.P1000087

The Camp Horizon youth group jumped for joy as they watched the stunning river roll by them before setting out. Most of the kids have never paddled before and the enthusiasm for the adventure ahead radiated through their smiles.

Bald Cypress, Sycamore, Spruce Pine, Water Tupelo, Water Elm, Darlington Oak, and River Birch were just a few of the trees we encountered twisting and jutting their knees out of the limestone banks of the river.

DSC_5000To our disbelief a juvenile Ruby ThroatedP1000157 Hummingbird gave a group of paddlers an intimate visit- landing first on Joe Cook’s hand and then visiting mine and continued to bob between the group of  boats attempting to drink the non-existent nectar from anything red in color. It was one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I’ve ever had.

P1000112It was an all-around AMAZING day on the river- as Bonny Putney even said it was her “favorite day on any Paddle Georgia yet!”

The evening was filled with fun and surprises including the Chehaw Park Wildlife program with beautiful live animals and the much anticipated announcement of the Canoe-A-thon winners.DSC_5131

61 people raised a whopping $40,000 with Terry Pate taking the lead by raising $3,260, followed by John Branch, and Alicia Evans. Y’all ROCK!!!!

We are so very thankful for everyone’s hard work, support and success in taking on this challenge with such vigor and enthusiasm!

P1000261This year is also VERY special because it is Georgia River Network, Executive Director and Paddle Georgia, co-founder April Ingle’s 10 year anniversary!

We LOVE you April!

So excited about tomorrow’s journey!

Keep on rollin’ down the river

Gwyneth Moody


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The waiting, the anticipating, the excitement in the air, and the dream of going Imageon Paddle Georgia 2013 for the many new attendees, has finally come to fruition, as 380 paddlers rolled into Chehaw Park in Albany and were welcomed with open arms.

ImageVincent Payne and Tonya Bechtler gave an excellent and thorough overview of skills and techniques for the paddling workshop at the Crisp County Power Company Boat launch.


As we slide into summer, the week ahead has gorgeous weather forecasted and the Flint river is flowing fast with all the rain we’ve had. Everyone is excited about a fabulous week of paddling.

Registration flowed smoothly even with all the crazy questions from paddlers… Ha ha!P1000044

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their awesome support and assistance, so make sure to give them a HIGH FIVE next time you see them!

Everyone got their Paddle Georgia goodies, ranging from the new Paddle Georgia 2013 T-shirt and hats to maps and dry boxes.

ImagePaddlers are super happy to have fair trade coffee and fresh fruit smoothies provided by Cafe Campesino…. oh so delicious and refreshing!

It’s always a delight to see ‘Tent City’ Paddle Georgia style with the colorful collage of domes that pepper the landscape. No need for Imagean assigned campsite – we’re all buddies at Paddle Georgia.

Joe Cook lit up the crowd and got everyone on their toes for the week long journey ahead!

So excited about our first day on the Flint tomorrow!

Keep on rolliImagen’ down the river,

~Gwyneth Moody

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As of today, we have 27 folks signed up for the Canoe-A-Thon and you have raised over$5,000! Yay!

Here are our lead fundraisers as of today:501Image

1) Alicia Evans

2) Suzi Parron and Glen Smith

3) Joey Giunta

4) Bobby Marie

5) Leslie Reymer

6) JT Moy

Remember that those who raise at least $200 will be eligible to register for Paddle Georgia 2014 during a special PRIORITY REGISTRATION period before regular open registration begins in Feb. 2014 for Paddle Georgia 2014.

Keep it up y’all! THANK YOU!



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