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Adopt Your Duck Today!

Join us Friday, June 22 at 2pm for the Paddle Georgia Ducky Derby! Adopt A Duck and win $250. The Duck Derby will take place on the Ocmulgee River during our River’s End Celebration at Amerson Park. The first duck to the finish line wins for their adoptive parent. 
Duck Adoption Prices:
Duckling: 1 duck for $5
Duck Duo: 2 ducks for $10
Duck Trio: 3 ducks for $15
Duck Family: 6 ducks for $25 (5 ducks & 1 for free!)
Team of Ducks: 8 ducks for $35 (7 ducks & 1 free!) 
Flock of Ducks: 12 ducks for $50 (10 ducks & 1 free!)
Adopt your duck here

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