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Floating into Fall on the Flint

p1140716Wow!!! Cheers to another awe-inspiring Fall Float on the Flint! 115 paddlers enjoyed 52 miles of the Flint over 3 days – each day the river showcased majestic landscapes, a plethora of wildlife, and great places to get out and play or lounge.p1150025

This river never ceases to amaze! The cool majestic blue springs, gorgeous sand beaches, and cavernous limestone ledges covered in lush ferns felt like stepping into a Flint fairyland.

Paddlers explored multiple springs along the journey bubbling up from hundreds of feet below. We peered down in the crystal clear depths with snorkels and masks feeling the pleasant chill of 68 degree water flow past our faces. p1140679

Cypress trees draped in Spanish moss with their gnarled twisted braided tree roots conjured thoughts of Rapunzel and unicorn tails.p1150256

The Baker County High School Students toughed out the 52 miles in high spirits with many memories to take home to their friends and families.

Here’s what paddlers had to say about the Fall Float on the Flint!

flint-bubblesp1150275If you love this river and would like to see more access (for shorter day trips:) Get involved in the development of the Flint River Water Trail! Our next basin wide meeting is this Monday, Oct 17th from 1:00-4:00pm in Americus-Sumter County Chamber of Commerce, 409 Elm Ave., Americus, GA.

Thanks to partners Flint Riverkeeper for helping make this event such an awesome success.





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