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The waiting, the anticipating, the excitement in the air, and the dream of going Imageon Paddle Georgia 2013 for the many new attendees, has finally come to fruition, as 380 paddlers rolled into Chehaw Park in Albany and were welcomed with open arms.

ImageVincent Payne and Tonya Bechtler gave an excellent and thorough overview of skills and techniques for the paddling workshop at the Crisp County Power Company Boat launch.


As we slide into summer, the week ahead has gorgeous weather forecasted and the Flint river is flowing fast with all the rain we’ve had. Everyone is excited about a fabulous week of paddling.

Registration flowed smoothly even with all the crazy questions from paddlers… Ha ha!P1000044

We can’t thank our volunteers enough for their awesome support and assistance, so make sure to give them a HIGH FIVE next time you see them!

Everyone got their Paddle Georgia goodies, ranging from the new Paddle Georgia 2013 T-shirt and hats to maps and dry boxes.

ImagePaddlers are super happy to have fair trade coffee and fresh fruit smoothies provided by Cafe Campesino…. oh so delicious and refreshing!

It’s always a delight to see ‘Tent City’ Paddle Georgia style with the colorful collage of domes that pepper the landscape. No need for Imagean assigned campsite – we’re all buddies at Paddle Georgia.

Joe Cook lit up the crowd and got everyone on their toes for the week long journey ahead!

So excited about our first day on the Flint tomorrow!

Keep on rolliImagen’ down the river,

~Gwyneth Moody

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