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Check out this useful Interactive Map of Water Use by county for the Southeast created by Jon Becker!


waterusemapA user can click on a county to activate the interactive graphs in the dashboard. You can then mouse over the slices of the pie chart to see the quantities and percentages of the pie pieces.

A user can also select multiple counties at once with the Select Features tool and the graphs will dynamically adjust.

Scalable watershed boundaries are provided as a reference layer in case someone wants to get a rough approximation of water use by watershed (of course watershed boundaries don’t neatly align with counties).

You can zoom in/out with the wheel on your mouse or mouse over the lower left corner of the map to get zoom tools.

You may have to install Microsoft Silverlight plugin for the map to work, but it is not malware. Jon Becker wrote a description of the map including the USGS source data hyperlink that can be accessed at the Details button.

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